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Kira Sabin Dating Coach extraordinaire!

Ummm….that is crazypants shit talk if I ever heard it.  That’s like waking up one
morning thinking “I am going to be a doctor,” and walking into a hospital, shouting,
“I am here!  Let’s save some lives, Mofos!”

Walking into your relationship knowing who you are, what you need and how to communicate it, well that is just plain smart and the best gift you can give your future boyfriend.  Am I right?

So can we stop messin’ around already and get you some love?



You are to the point that you are sick to your stomach over feeling
confused, frustrated, disappointed and questioning whether healthy
relationships even exist. You are almost ready to walk away, except
you believe in this and you know you have a huge amount of love to give.

You are forced to watch The Notebook over and over and wave your
fists at the sky, yelling “Where is my Noah!?!”

You want to believe in love again. Like you did when you were young.
When it was exciting and full of possibilities.

But you are worried you are too hurt/jaded/wanting to throw stuff at love.
I know, Sugarplum. It is going to be ok.
We totally got this…together.

When we work together one-on-one, you will walk away happier, lighter and
believing in love again.  That is where the magic happens.

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What can be better than seven days of beautiful Umbria,ItalyCircleIcon1ItalyCircleIcon1ItalyCircleIcon1 ItalyCircleIcon2 ItalyCircleIcon1
yummy food, wine and mini horses?!

I think pretty much nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  That shit is living the dream.

Oh, did I mention that you are going to walk away a different person
with a new perspective on love and life?

 Yup.  This is pretty much the real deal, Hot Pants.

On August 30th, I am taking a group of women on a Italian Adventure full of food, wine and lots of smart talk in our own villa.

Welcome to the Let’s Fucking Go To Italy Retreat!

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There had to be a place where smart, kick-ass single women gathered and talked about love without bitching about men and whining the whole time.

A place where there were weekly mind-blowing challenges and checklists to push you out of your comfort zone.  Monthly tele-genius calls about thought provoking topics on dating and relationships with really sound advice.  A place where you get to bond with other incredible women and get yourself ready for love.

All for free.

Bring your champagne; we are about to get this party started.



**Not a real statistic, just made that one up in my head…..yup, I do that.

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