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You have read every self-help book under the sun and they haven’t
really helped.  I mean if you could change your life by just reading
articles and books wouldn’t you be ridiculously happy, rich, a size 4
and married to the man of your dreams?

But besides finding handsome men on the street, clubbing them on the
head, taking them home and then locking them in your bedroom you
don’t really have a solid plan.  Plus, I hear that hasn’t really gone over
well for at least a few 1000 years.

Here is what I know.  

When love and relationships are working they are life-changingingly
beautiful, when they don’t they are life-suckingingly awful. However,
we don’t just have to sit around chugging wine, bitching to our friends
and hoping it all works out.  

There are small, easy things you can be doing every single day to move
you forward to love and better relationships.  Surprisingly, they are not
over-thinking everything you do and say or sitting around worrying that
you are becoming more barren every single day.

Let’s put those strategies on the back burner, shall we?



The League is just a place online where amazing singles come together to connect, support, discuss and everything in between.  You will be working with each other on everything from photo scavenger hunts to mind-blowing activities that will change the way you think about dating and relationships.

Here is what you get when you join LOAS:

Monthly group coaching calls to discuss a variety of topics and then get to your questions and answers. You can get solid advice from me on a current situation and just learn from other’s dilemmas so you don’t make the same mistakes. There will also be guest experts stopping by the League to share their genius.  Anything for you guys.

Topics such as:
How to let someone know you are interested without being creepy;
how to tell the good guys from the players; how to build confidence;
turning people down the right way; when to walk away or keep trying;
how to set-up healthy boundaries that work; how to communicate what you
need to a new guy; how to figure out what you can offer to relationship;
how to meet new guys you want to date; how not to seem desperate or needy;
how to tell cocky from confident; when to drop your panties and when to
keep them on and so much more.

Weekly emails with activities, journal questions, checklists, cocktail recipes, Jedi mind
tricks, madlibs, challenges, survival guides, printables, flash cards and so much more.

Twice a week texts with challenges to complete for points.

Discounts on coaching and events (like cruises and retreats :)

A secret online group to keep the discussions and support going in-between
calls and get advice from Kira.

It’s kinda awesome…right?

Sign-up below to join the adventure.  It is just that easy.


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