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What Healthy Love Sounds Like

What Healthy Love Sounds Like

This may be a little odd but in some ways I feel like a Backstage Mom for my clients.  Not the crazy, screaming ones like you see on Toddlers and Tiaras, but the type that is at your dance recital in the wings, cheering for you and believing in all that you do.  At the end, giving you a big hug and ice cream when you have worked so hard and done your best.

That is why when I did a check-in call last week with one of my clients who graduated from the one-on-one coaching program, I literally teared up with happiness like she had just shuffle-ball-changed right off the stage.  Right away we dove into her relationship that she has been in for a bit, since near the end of our coaching.  Her excitement was contagious and I could barely even recognize the frustrated woman who came to me after dating ANOTHER hot/cold guy that left her feeling confused and heartbroken when he decided to go radio silent for a week…again.  She had literally transformed herself into someone capable of picking a great guy and creating a beautiful relationship.

Being in the wings of this transformation has been nothing less than amazing.

After the call was finished I asked if I could share a part of it with all of you.  Her perspective has changed her life.  If you are a little short on faith and feeling stuck, let this give you hope that there are people out there really doing this.  Not only falling in amazing love, but working together to create a beautiful relationship.


You can do this.  I can help.

What Happy and Healthy Relationships Sound Like







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